Enhancing Backcountry Experiences

Rooted deep in backcountry ski culture, G3's mission has always been to improve your winter backcountry experience. G3 is one of the few remaining and truly authentic, independent winter backcountry brands.


Born in 1995 from a desire to build better avalanche probes for professionals who demanded it, G3 emerged from a garage in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. We've outgrown the garage, but our committment to solving problems for backcountry users is stronger than ever.


As developers, designers, artists and skiers, G3 engineers are passionate and focused on pushing the boundaries of how we approach any new product design and development. Unlike the market-share driven brands jumping on the 'backcountry bandwagon', G3 is genuinely committed to bettering backcountry safety and enjoyment.


Having held our gear to a higher standard since day one, every G3 product has been pushed to the limits by backcountry professionals using and abusing our gear daily. Thorough quality checks ensure each and every peice of gear meets our higher standard, ready to perform when you need it most.


Our engineers won't settle for gear that’s 'just as good' as the next guy. G3's original Targa binding was revolutionary, changing the telemark industry with interchangeable pre-compressed spring cartridges. Never complacent, we enhanced our already industry leading Alpinist Climbing Skins with proprietary tip and tail connections systems unlike anything on the market.


G3 continues to challenge the status quo, maintaining our independance for creativity and design to flourish. With a successful 18-year history, G3 remains 100% committed to making your backcountry experience better and safer, through problem-solving gear innovations. True to this mantra, G3's new ENZO telemark binding spawned from a blank-canvas look at the
future of tele bindings.

Never satisfied, we're already
looking further ahead.

About G3

Based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, G3 Genuine Guide Gear is an independently owned and operated manufacturer of industry-leading gear for backcountry skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Since our first avalanche probe made in 1995 for guides to count on and trust, G3 has remained committed to our roots; designing and producing innovative, durable, and reliable equipment that professionals and mountain enthusiasts can trust.

Now with a successful 18 year history of industry leading innovation and new product development behind us, G3 isn’t resting on its laurels. Our range of users has naturally grown as backcountry bliss intrigues more and more of the mainstream skiing and snowboarding community, but our focus remains the same - albeit a bit more fun.

Constantly seeking improved solutions and new products, G3 engineers are passionate skiers who aren’t interested in making gear that’s only as good as the next market-share driven brand. With backcountry skiers, snowboarders and snow professionals relying on our gear for their safety, performance and ease of travel, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to push the boundaries. Now with a full range of skis, climbing skins, AT & telemark bindings, and avalanche safety tools, we strive to not only make our gear innovative, durable and reliable, but downright enjoyable and easy to use.

For winter 2013/14 G3 continues the commitment to enhancing skiers' and riders' experience in the backcountry. Our carbon ski debut yielded the lightest skis in their category, while the Black Sheep splitboard marked a bold leep into backcountry snowboarding. G3 is one of the few remaining and truly authentic, innovative, and independent winter backcountry brands.

Enjoy and be safe. G3's got your back for both.

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