Alpinist Tail Less Skins

Premium lightweight climbing skin with innovative tip connector sans tail strap

Alpinist Tail Less Skins

Eine noch leichtere Version für diejenigen, die eine Skin ohne Hinterschlaufe bevorzugen.

SizeSki Length (CM):Skin Width (MM):Weight
 195 (trim to fit with Trim Tool)70470g / 16.6oz
 195 (trim to fit with Trim Tool)85561g / 19.8oz
 195 (trim to fit with Trim Tool)100651g / 23.0oz
 195 (trim to fit with Trim Tool)115739g / 26.1oz
 195 (trim to fit with Trim Tool)130827g / 29.2oz
MaterialSynthetic plush, non-toxic solvent free adhesive, Curved low profile tip connector with self aligning stainless steel hands

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