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Joey's Guide To The Goods

Splitboarding...  snowboarding... what's the difference? For me splitboarding opened up my winter dreams. Dreams I'd been chasing through snowboarding since a I was a wee kid. Along came splitboards...


G3 2015 Women's Backcountry Skis

Some of the hottest, lightest, funnest backcountry skis yet. Say hello to the all-new award winning G3 Empress Carbon 115. Plus the all-time classic Cake 100 and 110, now with carbon stringers to brin...


G3 2015 Black Sheep Carbon X3 Splitboard

G3 athlete, ACMG ASG (Splitboard) Joey Vosburgh tunes in from the Tantalus Range, Squamish, BC, to give us a rundown of why he's so pumped on the new G3 Black Sheep Carbon X3 Splitboard.


G3 Synpase Carbon Ski Series 2015

Drop boldly with G3 into the future of backcountry skiing. The Synapse gives you the freeride performance you demand and the super light weight you’ve always craved. We’ve fused the progressive sh...


G3 District Carbon Hybrid 2015 Skis

Consistently G3’s most popular skis year after year. There’s just something about the Districts and Cakes to please every skier. Spiced up this season with a carbon fibre stringer to bring the ski...


95 To Infinity - Traslins' Never Ending Shred

Hellbent on backcountry skiing, brothers Mike & Andy Traslin have been earning their turns every month of the year for the last 95 months in a row. They're not alone, especially in the Pacific Nor...


User Tips - G3 ION Binding

Get the most out of your new G3 ION touring bindings. Here's some quick tips for ski mode, tour mode, and safe/easy transitions.


How to Adjust & Set Up G3 ION Bindings

Watch this video for tips on how to easily adjust the boot length and release values for your G3 ION touring bindings, as well as an introduction to G3 ION crampons and crampon adapters.


Happenstance in Hakuba

Unless you've been living under a very big rock, you've heard the tales of Japan's surreal terrain neck deep powder on tap, day or night. The hype was buzzing extra strong this season and we were itch...

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