The Milking Stool - Your Ski Quiver

The Milking Stool: it takes three legs to create the perfect platform to successfully wring out the most milk. Why should this foundation be any different to the sport of skiing? In a dream world, we’d all have three pairs of skis to make up the season’s milking stool, each pair contributing to the platform from which we suckle up to Mother Nature.  In an ideal situation, a lucky skier would have a quiver of skis. Just like the sound structural foundation is a triangle, the three-ski triad is the strongest basis for tapping the season for every last snowflake that hits the ground.Every stool begins with the first leg. The respectable waistline of a 90-100mm wide ski is best utilized for their everyday practicality. Take on the Tonic (132/100/123mm) or Infidel (128/97/111mm) as the go-to for short- to medium-swing turns, tight trees, or steep, more technical lines tucked into the mountain scape. We want skis that transition between groomers, hardpack, bumps, and the backcountry. These sturdy, dependable workhorses balance the day in/day out rigors of ski guides, patrollers, and slackcountry heroes alike.

When the big snows happen, and the goal is eating up real estate, the big guns come out. Enter the HighBall (140/116/123mm). These girthy beefcakes are designed to never lose their appetite. Not only do they chomp down the early powder mornings, their size and shape offer stability and performance, demonstrating the power and grace to charge the broken snow long after the virgin lines are gone.

The third and final leg to the season’s milking stool is the touring ski, the backcountry tool that marries uphill ease and downhill chops. If you’ve ever timed a spring ski day perfectly—creaming the corn at the high hour—you know a smaller ski does exactly what you need. There’s no reason to lug around a broad sword to do what comes naturally to a pocketknife. That’s why G3’s Spitfire LT (123/89/11mm), part of our Super Tour series, is your tool. Traditional camber, early rise tip and light weight construction form their own milking stool for touring ease and performance.

Not everyone’s dream stool looks the same and not everyone can have a three-legged stool.  Take the time to design your own, picking the skis that best help you draw out the most you can from each ski season.

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