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Snowboarding All 7 Continents

"As the sunscreen seeped into our pores, a slight breeze wafted through the breathable mesh backpanels of our Osprey packs and the blazing, African sun beat down seemingly through our skin. It was 9:45 am on February 14th, and at an elevation of 6,500 feet, we started our six-hour trek from the Berber village of Imlil to the mountain hut, Les Mouflons de Toubkal—at an elevation of 10,500 feet, to officially ride and ski Africa."

G3 gear ambassador Sean Busby recently completed his goal of snowboarding all 7 continents. Congrats Sean. Way to keep the dream alive.


Splitboarders Chasing Snow and Dirt in New Zealand

G3 splitboard athlete Sean Busby just checked in from his trip to New Zealand. It's ironic that he's travelling the globe on a quest for year round snow and probably found less snow than what's left in BC's alpine this summer. But it sounds like they're making the most of it. Hopefully he's enjoing the hunt, and don't be fooled by the powder in that image... see those black things in his rooster tail!?


Sean Busby's Day in the Yukon

Recently recieved this gem from G3 splitboarder Sean Busby...

A single day of earning turns in Klondike country and of our daily life at our base camp -- a tiny off the grid cabin way out in the Yukon wilderness surrounded by beautiful peaks, grizzly, name it.  Looking forward to spending valuable time here next winter with friends and guiding clients.  Again this is an edit from one single day on one of our longer approaches.


Sean Busby in Windy Newfoundland / Labrador.

G3 splitboarder Sean Busby has been up to all sorts of unique trips this spring, earning his turns in Newfoundland/Labrador and camping out in an off the grid hut in the Yukon. Here's soem sweet photos from what he described as a "VERY icy and wind torn Newfoundland/Labrador".  "Was hit with very windy (70+ mph) winds for the first few days of the scouting expedition along with very scoured snow after multiple strong rain days followed by freezing temps.  Parks Canada reported multiple feet of loss snowpack."

Sounds gnarly, but the photos make it look pretty cool. Enjoy.