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Adam from Tacoma just scored the lightest freeride skis on the planet, next year's G3 Synapse Carbon 109.


65' Of Snow + Dolomites = Pure Awesome

G3 athlete Chad Sayers joined Henrik Windstedt and Mattias Fredriksson for the biggest snow year the Italian Dolomites had seen in 50 years. No big deal. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the jealous type), Powder Magazine assembled this mouth watering photo flipbook feature so that we can vicariously experience the storm of the half century.



Expedition Hope - North Pole to Canada

On April 2nd, 2014, Bernice 'Bernie-from-Fernie' Notenboom and her team set off on a 600 mile expedition to ski from the North Pole to Canada. Their weapons of choice? G3's ultralight Carbon ZenOxide 88 skis with G3 Alpinist skins permanently fixed to the bases. If that isn't a good way to field test gear, then what is?

Their trip, labelled 'Expedition Hope', aims to bring awareness and support to the Plant-for-the-Planet program, and ultimately to help mitigate the effects of global warming.


Pennywise and the Spearhead Traverse

The first time I did the Spearhead Traverse in a day, my brother Andy and I were on secura fixes, purple skins, and some random 200 cm race skis. At the end of the traverse we heard that Pennywise, an iconic punk band, was playing a gig that night in Whistler. They ended up playing two sold out shows that night. We were exhausted, but went to both shows…. I still remember high fiving Dan Treadway at 3am, near the end of the second show at Merlins.


Season Funk Remedy - Canoe to Ski

Coming back from a busy racing season in Europe and beyond, I flew back to the Maple Leaf country (Canada, that is) after 2 really draining stage races. I had an amazing race season and I am grateful for all the new mountains skied, the new friendships formed and emotions shared. After such hype, I always find myself in some sort of post-race funk. But this year would be different I thought to myself. Yes, returning to weekend warrior life poses a bit of a schedule challenge, but I am far from being ready to “hang the skis” for the summer.


Mt. Baker Roman Mustache - New Variation

After winter finally showed it's snowy face through most of February and March, a weather window opened and we were eager to take advantage of it. It was my first time up Mt Baker in March, so I was keen to make the trip happen.

Upon arrival, we met a group of seven people touring around Baker who had seen an avalanche rip off the N Face. Concerns arose, but we were confident we had a safe a fun itinerary lined up for a different side of the mountain.


Snowboarding All 7 Continents

"As the sunscreen seeped into our pores, a slight breeze wafted through the breathable mesh backpanels of our Osprey packs and the blazing, African sun beat down seemingly through our skin. It was 9:45 am on February 14th, and at an elevation of 6,500 feet, we started our six-hour trek from the Berber village of Imlil to the mountain hut, Les Mouflons de Toubkal—at an elevation of 10,500 feet, to officially ride and ski Africa."

G3 gear ambassador Sean Busby recently completed his goal of snowboarding all 7 continents. Congrats Sean. Way to keep the dream alive.