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Splitboarding 101 with Altus Mountain Guides

Earlier this month our friends at Altus Mountain Guides successfully pulled off their first Splitboard 101 camp. Great to see more splitters getting into the sport, and verteran splitters like Justin...


Earning Your Turns - 100 Months in a Row

From suncups to blower pow, huge peaks to bunny hills, North Vancouver brothers Mike and Andy Traslin have been consecutively earning their turns every month of the year for the past... wait for it...


What A Good F&$@ing Day

G3 ambassador John Wells konws how to take advantage of the BIG snowfalls at Mt Baker, Washington. Here's a great sillygoating edit he put together from a day last winter. Pardon the title, but we ass...


The Amazing Race to Mt Fuji

Fresh off the plane and on our way through customs, we stopped and stared at a poster of Mt Fuji. We were still wearing the 37 L ski mountaineering packs we'd crammed into the overhead compartments to...


Summer Ski Testing - It's Always Winter Somewhere

On the eve of the Northern Hemisphere's ski season, we're throwing it back to this summer when the Southern Hemi was our best chance for some quality 'field work'. With a fresh batch of prototype skis...


Sawtooth Season Finale

It’s probably safe to say that Alaska is on every backcountry skier’s checklist. Ever since I was a kid, it’s been on mine. Randomly on a late April afternoon I ran into friend and photographer...


Yea Buddy Ep 2 - John Wells More Faceshots

Our man John Wells once again making the most of what Mt Baker has to offer. Speaking of which, the neighbouring volcano Mt Baker is forecasted to receive up to 100" of snow by this weekend! Ya, snowy...

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