Proper care for your climbing skins prior to summer storage

As we start winding down from ski season (though by the way mother nature is acting a lot of places, we've still got a bit to go yet), it's time to start thinking about how you care for your gear over the coming months until it's winter (the best time of year) again.

In that vein, climbing skins are something you want to make sure you take care of properly over the months you're not using them. Here's our recommendations on doing that: 

Beyond that, if your glue is getting a little beat up from, say, leaving your skins laying around by your entry way door or sticking them to your dog, might be time for a little glue renew. Our take is, do it in the spring before you put your skins away, and that way, when the rush is on and you're scrambling to get all your gear together in the fall after that really big storm hits, you'll be all ready to go.

The video here shows how to take care of that little piece of business.

Happy storing ... at least once we get through the coming couple of months of skiing! 


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