Press Release

Touring Season Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in G3's 'Touring Season' Contest. It's great to see everyone still jazzed about skiing while others are busy rushing into summer. In G3's backyard we've been luc...


Franz's Skigraphiks Winning Design Comes to Life

With such an incredible participation level in this year's G3 + Backcountry Magazine Skigraphiks Contest, there was no shortage of high quality entries. But someone had to emerge as the winner, and Fr...


Congrats Carl! Skigraphiks September Schwag Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first month of the 2013 Skigraphiks Contest by G3 and Backcountry Magazine. The contest had an overwhelming response, with the highest number of September...


Skigraphiks 2013 is Live. Enter Soon.

The fifth-annual SkiGraphiks contest is live and kicking, brought to you by G3 Genuine Guide Gear and Backcountry Magazine, with a new format. One Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by judges at the en...


And The Backcountry Purist Winner Is...

Another lucky skier is about to be armed with a backcountry ski gear set up from G3! We partnered with the Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia Association (BLBCA) for their first ever Backcountry...


Skigraphiks Round 4 Winner Announced

Congratulations are in order for artist Patrik Johansson, who was just announced as the winner of our fourth and final round of the 2012 Skiraphiks Contest, in partnership with Backcountry Magazine. H...


Nola Svoboda Wins Skigraphiks Round 3

Congratulations to Nola Svoboda on winning Round 3 of G3's Skiraphiks contest! Round 3 featuring the ZenOxide ski and retail partner just wrapped up on Nov 30, and we're already well int...



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