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Mt. Baker Roman Mustache - New Variation

After winter finally showed it's snowy face through most of February and March, a weather window opened and we were eager to take advantage of it. It was my first time up Mt Baker in March, so I was keen to make the trip happen.

Upon arrival, we met a group of seven people touring around Baker who had seen an avalanche rip off the N Face. Concerns arose, but we were confident we had a safe a fun itinerary lined up for a different side of the mountain.


Okanagan Stashes

As we all know, a thin snow pack and low base was the new norm on the Coast, even into January. It sure felt like 'Juneary' on the Coast.

I heard the Okanagan was getting hit, so it was great opportunity to get up to the Okanagan for some downhill skiing on two underrated BC ski hills. Apex in Penticton and Silver Star in Vernon.

Thanks to Johnny, who recently moved his entire family of four kids to Vernon, we had our first taste of dry powder at Silver Star.


Possessed to Ski - 85 Months of Turns All Year

The streak is still alive. I took this blog title from a cool 80's punk, thrash metal band, and changed it from skate to ski. And it's kind of true!

My friend Rob Chisholm even had fun with the song when he inserted my name in the same song. When I first moved to Whistler, Rob let me crash at his place which was pretty much a hole in the wall for $180 bucks a month. It worked out fine, I could ski all day and work in a restaurant at night as a short order cook. He since met an Aussie girl moved to Australia and had kids.


Tour de Chile - Winter Gear Testing

It was supposed to be an epic tour, but it turned into more of a base camp tour, just like the Tour de France that was happening at the same time. Our goal was to ski as many kms and climb as many vertical feet as we could in three weeks. The vertical was a little more difficult as our home was around 8000 feet and the mountains go up to 17,000 in the High Andes, requiring a lot more distance to gain any altitude.


Double Time on Cook

Owls couloir has been the objective but Mt.Cook keeps blocking. I've been wanting to ski this line since I did the Wedge to Currie traverse from parking lot to Pemberton in under 22 hours with my brother and a couple of elite mountain bike racers back in the 90s.

It's close but far as day trips go. I've spent a lot of time in the Wedge area from the introduction to mountaineer days. Neck belays, grovelling on the south side of Wedge up the boulder fields and cornice drops on the NE arete.


Dry Spell Goodness - Fitzsimmons ENE to Iago W

This past month, BC skiers were faced with way more sunny days than they're used to seeing in January. After 2 months of endless fresh pow, skiers needed to really start earning their turns to have a good time. Here's an update Andy Traslin sent from a fun looking romp in the Spearhead Range.


4 Million Feet of Climbing - The Higher You Get, The Higher You Get

In case you hadn't noticed yet, G3 athlete Andy Traslin is a machine. Plain n simple. He's been casually bagging 1 million vertical feet of climbing (by skis, bike or rock) for the last 4 years in a row! And yes he has a job. Below are his thoughts after topping out on 4 million. Not a bad guy to be testing gear eh? He sure puts things through the ringer.

I had re-started my watch after last year’s previous million vertical feet. I wasn't too concerned about going for it again.


Yak to Nak & Back

Andy Traslin just checked in with this post from a recent adventure...

The Coqhuilla is a great area to check out for anyone living close to Vancouver. The peaks are part of the Coast Mountains but further inland, where oit seems to be a little colder on the summitts and the snow a bit drier. No logging road approaches, just steep, short & steady climbs to the summits.


Traslins in the News - 3 Million Feet and Counting

We've previously shared the story of Andy Traslin climbing 3 million vertical feet in three years (on skis or by bike). This week it was fun to see the Traslins in our local newspaper; Andy sharing his motivations for the endeavour, and Mike poking fun at his obsession (though often joining him for the mission). In true Traslin fashion, he was quoted "I did it one year, then I thought, oh I'll start the watch again.