Baffin Island Adventure

Website displays Baffin Island in new book 50 Classic Ski Descents of N America

Now here’s a story we like. Friend of G3, Jamie Bond, was sitting in Hawaii, waiting for the wind to pick up to go kiteboarding. It was sunny, a perfect 28 degrees C, the food was amazing, and life was just dandy. But something was pecking away in the back of his head.  Four of his friends (Jordan Manley, Chad Sayers, Tobin Seagel & Marcus Waring) were a week away from heading to Baffin Island in Canada’s Arctic to ski some couloirs and snowkite along the way. Hellloooo! “Kiting and skiing all in the same trip?” he thought? He jumped on the opportunity, booked a last minute flight, and was packing for a trip to Baffin before he’d even googled the place. If he had, he’d have discovered it was 70 degrees colder on Baffin Island that day, and the trip plans might have ended right there.

The 5-man crew heads out today to Clyde River, Nunavit, where they’ll snowmobile into Sam Ford Fjord and set up camp for 3 weeks. With any luck they’ll score some epic couloir skiing in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and tempt fate with some rookie snowkite gear hauling.  A couple pairs of G3 Manhattans and Alpinist Skins are coming along for the ride, along with whoever manages to hide inside Jamie’s ski bag for a free trip. 

Jamie Bond is going skiing and snowkiting in the Arctic next week, leaving Monday for Baffin Island with friends Jordan Manley, Chad Sayers, Tobin Seagel & Marcus Waring. He is currently packing and planning out his menu!Mmmm let the packing begin for Baffin Island adventure.

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