Garibaldi Lake Ski Epic

Amazing vistas seen during the Traslin's recent Garibaldi Lake Ski Epic

This Garibaldi ski epic is remote, but interesting because it is only an hour drive outside of Vancouver, and on a clear day on Whistler you can see the whole route. These trips are unique, however a small but growing number of skiers with good fitness and skill are starting to tackle these type of ultra ski mountaineering marathons (with cool decents!) Andy and I were on the perfect ski for this trip—G3 Tonics.

Traslin Brothers' Garibaldi Lake Ski Epic 1Traslin Brothers' Garibaldi Lake Ski Epic 1

Up at 3:30 am and out the door in an hour, I was excited for a big day out in Pemberton, BC to climb and ski the Aussie Couloir. Two minutes into my drive I got a speeding ticket  going down the Mt Seymour Parkway in North Vancouver. As a kid in the 80's I think we were clocked at higher speeds on our skateboards! But once through the formalities of the speeding ticket, I picked up my friend Sky and brother, Andy.

Traslin Brothers' Garibaldi Lake Ski Epic 2Traslin Brothers' Garibaldi Lake Ski Epic 2

They quickly persuaded me into going to the Garibaldi area. And knowing these guys, we were in for an epic.

Traslin Brothers' Garibaldi Lake Ski Epic 4Traslin Brothers' Garibaldi Lake Ski Epic 4

After 11,000 feet of climbing and almost 50 kilometers in 18 hours, we had climbed and skied the East Face of Mt. Carr, the West Ridge of Mt. Davidson and East Face of Castle Towers. What a sweet day!Skiers Andy Traslin, Sky Sjue, Mike Traslin 



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