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John Wells was reminiscing last spring's March madness, so he put this little edit together to give the snow gods a hint of what he wants to see again.


The Approach

G3 athlete Chad Sayers joins photographer friends Steve Ogle and Kari Medig on a classic backcountry epic in Southern Chile. Aiming for some mostly uncharted Patagonian volcanos, the crew encounters l...


Field Tips for G3 ION Binding

G3 athlete James McSkimming shares a few field tips for how to get the most out of your ION bindings, and avoid occurences of snow build up or snow build up. 


Sharing Joey's Stoke For Splitboarding

Winter 2014/15 so far has been dismal for many skiers and riders in western North America. But for those dedicated to getting the most out of every winter, it seems to be flying by in a blur of good t...


Bamboo Thrashing Epic in Patagonia

Back in June I had a call from my good friend Steve Ogle asking if i wanted to head back to Patagonia for another epic. We had a history of epics in the region and he knew I'd know just what kind of t...


The Meditation of the Mountain Experience

From the beginning of my life I have moved through the mountains on a variety of tools.  As soon as I could walk I was using cross country skis to access our house in Bear Valley, California, whi...


#G3POV 1 - Mt Baker Slackcountry

What goes up must come down, and what goes down probably had to climb up. On a mediocre winter like much of North America has been having, you have to make the most of the good days. Mt Baker locals l...


Professional Ski Photographer Reuben Krabbe Joins G3

We've been having a blast introducing some fresh faces to the brand this season. Watch for them on the peaks and online, and hoepfully we'll get a chance to profile each one of them over the season. F...


Splitboarding 101 with Altus Mountain Guides

Earlier this month our friends at Altus Mountain Guides successfully pulled off their first Splitboard 101 camp. Great to see more splitters getting into the sport, and verteran splitters like Justin...

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