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The G3 Bonesaw is streamlined, packable, lightweight, easily extendable and tough enough to cut through bone and ice.

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  • Off-set teeth (kerf) known for their superior and easy cutting
  • Built using sreamlined stainless steel sheet for easy, flat packing
  • Curved rubber coated handle fro comfortable grip
  • Attachment slots for easy attachment to ski pole or shovel shaft
  • Includes a lightweight sheath for safe packing and 2 straps for attachment options
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Rutschblock Cord

This innovative avalanche accessory provides vastly improved performance over the traditional knotted rope, producing effective snow study tests with minimal effort.

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  • Lightweight, durable cable
  • Low profile swage springs slice through snow and ice
  • Large loop handles can be used with gloves and mitts


5.75m / 18 ft 10 in


Coated stainless steel cable

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Ski and Utility Straps

 Super tough and flexible, even at cold temperatures, G3 ski straps are for more than just holding skis together. More versatile and reliable than zip ties or duct tape, it’s a good idea to always have a couple in your pack. Longer sizes are useful for lashing bulky items to your pack, roof rack or bicycle. Now available in sizes from 350mm (14”) to 650mm (26”) long.

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350mm (14”)

400mm (16”)

500mm (20”)

650mm (26”)


Cold temperature polyurethane strap with polycarbonate buckle

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AT Accessories

ONYX Bellowed-Boot Shim

A required accessory when using the Onyx with Scarpa's F-series AT boots or other bellowed boots. Easy to install and remove. Does not hinder ski flex and works with G3 Onyx crampons.

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A kit complete with all the right parts to repair and refurbish an ONYX/RUBY binding including high and low heellifts, release pin, toe pin, toe base plate insert, length adjustment plate, leash clip, and a complete set of screws.

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G3 Binding Grease

G3’s proprietary lube, specifically designed for use in all G3 ski bindings. Semi-synthetic, low friction, low temperature formulation is non-reactive with all G3 binding parts and will keep your G3 bindings running at peak performance.

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Onyx Ski Crampon

Perfect for use in firm snow and icy conditions when it is difficult to set an edge, G3’s free pivoting ONYX Crampon will enable you to travel with confidence and greater efficiency. The ONYX Crampon is easily installed or removed on-the fly with a single hand. The remarkably strong yet light properties of the 7075 aluminum alloy combined with the embossed crampon body make this a reliable and smart addition to any ski touring adventure.

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Sizing Weight
85mmrecommended for skis with a waist less than or equal to 85mm275g / 9.7oz
105mmrecommended for skis with a waist less than or equal to 105mm and greater than 85mm 
130mmrecommended for skis with a waist less than or equal to 130mm and greater than 105mm

Materials: Embossed and heat treated 7075-T6 aluminum plate, forged 7050 clips

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Onyx Mounting plate kit

G3’s innovative ONYX mounting plate system allows for 33mm of easy adjustment to fi t a wide range of boot sizes. The sliding system in both the toe and the heel, enables the maintenance of boot center, securing the highest ski performance possible. The ONYX sliding plate system also allows for quick binding dismount for easy packing.

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ONYX AT Binding Ski Brake

The ONYX Brake has a reliable deployment system ready to stop potential runaway skis. The unique design of the ONYX Brake allows for the brake to remain deployed during step-in for both ski and tour mode, ensuring that the ski remains stationary during this process. Easy installation and zero interference with the binding’s overall usability,  elevate the ONYX Brake to meet G3’s highest standards.

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Alpine Touring Ski Leashes

A set of two coiled cable, alpine touring ski leashes. Easy to install and use with any ski boot. Keep your skis close by in the event that you have an accident while touring this winter.

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Telemark Accessories

ENZO Cables

2000lb (each!) cable strength with direct pivoting connection for extreme durability
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ENZO Climbing Wires

Adds 25 mm height to ENZO climbing heel. Ideal for steeper ascents.

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ENZO Springs

Large diameter spring available in 3 stiffness for the ultimate range and binding activity.

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TARGA Ascent Climbing Wires

 Upgrade the TARGA Ascent to steeper terrain and an unstoppable climbing machine.

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Targa Rental / Demo Kit

The G3 TARGA rental/demo kit allows for quick and easy adjustment of binding cable length and heel location to fit boot sizes ranging from 4.0-13.0 (men’s US) and 23-32 (Mondopoint). Two sizing charts run the length of the rental/demo shim.

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Targa Telemark Binding Shim Extender

Provides additional height beneath TARGA telemark bindings, preventing boot-out and offering increased leverage for higher performance.

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Targa ascent ski crampon

G3’s lightweight and dependable Targa Ascent ski crampon, is easy to install on-the-fly and is operational in both ski and tour mode.

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Designed to reduce rocker launch and immediately engage TARGA compression spring cartridges for a more active skiing binding to enhance downhill performance.

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Telemark Spring Cartridges

The first manufacturer to use compression spring cartridges in telemark bindings, G3 continues to make high performance telemark bindings. CrossTour, XMountain and WorldCup cartridges match cable tension and boot stiffness. Designed for touring and lighter passengers is the CrossTour (White); Designed for resort skiing is the XMountain (Red); and designed for aggressive telemark turns is the WorldCup (Green). G3 interchangable cartridges generate minimal ski shovel loading and greatly reduce painful toe-crunch, enhancing your ski performance and enjoyment.

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Plastic Telemark Ski Leash

Ultra-light, yet super-strong plastic pinch clip is stronger and lighter than the metal glasp

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Universal Binding Shim

An easy and economical performance accessory for 3-hole bindings. (Not compatible with TARGA bindings)

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Targa Telemark Binding Backcountry Kit

A collection of spare parts for all TARGA and TARGA Ascent telemark bindings. Play it safe and have spares in the unfortunate event that something goes awry.

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8/21mm Climbing Heels

For use with telemark bindings not mounted on binding shims, G3 8mm climbing heels with dual height climbing wires easily activate and stow to reduce fatigue and increase traction during steep ascents.

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Metal Telemark Ski Leash

Built with a robust metal thumb trigger and generous lengths of coated cable. This is a reliable telemark ski leash that will keep your beloved skis close by in the event of a spill.

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Climbing Wires

Upgrade the TARGA binding to full-fledged climbing machines with stainless steel climbing heel wires available in short, long, and XL.

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Climbing Skin Accessories

G3 Love Glove

Better, faster, and easier than traditional skin savers, this intuitive new spandex sack wicks moister from your skins for better performance, and give your gloves some love by keeping them free of glue & gunk.
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Twin Tip Connectors

It has arrived! A new tail connection system designed to securely attach any tailed G3 skin to a twin tip ski. Utilizing the same self-aligning stainless steel hands as our alpinist tip connector, our new Twin Tip Connector easily slips onto all G3 tail straps and offers a reliable, foolproof tail attachment for all twin tip skis.

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G3 Skin Savers

G3 climbing skin savers are designed to maximize the life of skins by protecting and preserving the glue. Meant to be used for long-term storage or daily applications, skin savers are included with all G3 skins and are also available separately.

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Glue Renew

G3’s Glue Renew offers an easy way to recondition climbing skins.

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Trim Tool

By paying attention to the smallest detail, G3 designed a radically new skin trim tool that allows you to quickly and easily trim climbing skins leaving the perfect edge reveal and eliminating any repositioning of the skin during the process. All G3 skins come equipped with the innovative trim tool.

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Tip and Tail Connector Kit

Also available separately, G3's Tip & Tail Connector Kit works with all types of skins. The kit is dependable, fool-proof, hassle free and effective. It installs quickly, can be removed while your ski's are still on and fits any shape ski.
Included with all Complete Skins and also available seperately.

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G3 Trucker Hat

Block the sun with style. G3's coveted team hat is now available. One size fits all. Adjustment strap at the back of the hat.

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