G3 ONYX AT Ski Binding


The most accessible and user friendly tech binding. A tried & true workhorse. Great choice for backcountry newcomers.

One for the Quiver

Adjustable base plate mounting system. Use one set of bindings for your whole quiver.
Easy field repair and replacement.


Faster and Easier

Switch between tour and ski mode on the fly. Save time and energy on big days.



The ONYX design remains focused on the best combination of lightweight, high performance and usability. Our informed commitment to using a tech system toe and heel attachment, immediately gave us a lightweight system. We then took the tech system to the next level by adding much valued usability, including the ability to switch from ski to tour mode on-the-fly, reliable and secure pole actuated high and low heel lifts, and an adjustable base plate mounting system. Next we focused on increased overall skiing performance. By designing a binding that has an impressive level of retention to reduce unwanted pre-release, as well as increased overall rigidity, we completed the ONYX; The best choice in lightweight, high performance AT bindings.




Weight (single):640g / 1.4lb
Material:Forged aerospace aluminum toe-jaws, chassis and heel-post, fiber reinforced mounting plates
Din Setting:6 - 12

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