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December Coldsmoke in the Kootenays


Nelson, BC

Based on this post and video from G3 engineer Cam Shute, skiers in the Kootenays have it good this winter! Good to see he's busy finding excuses for more 'product testing'. Read on...

It's been one of the best early starts to the ski season in a while. Repeated storms have laid down a 2m base in the alpine and the cold temps have kept the soft fluffy stuff on top. On top of it all, whoever is in charge of the snow seems to have the reset button stuck on.


Fall Climbing trip to Moab and Indian Creek


United States

I find November  a tough month to be in Canada. Sometimes the preseason skiing is good, but the rain and the grey often dims my motivation to explore.

I always try to squeak in a quick climbing or surfing trip so that I can come back home and start to get fired up for ski season.

This year I had a bunch of friends from Squamish and Nelson heading down to the Moab area in Utah to climb, and I decided to join in for some desert climbing. Thanks so much to Katy, Kelly, Ruby, Jay, Susie, Jia, Ange, Ella, Elias, Nick, Karina and Nate for such a great time!


R & D Summer Testing on the Kokanee Glacier

Shortly before heading off to Taiwan for some climbing and 'work', G3 Engineer Cam Shute managed to take advantage of pretty much the only precipitation BC has seen this month! Here's his update from another tough day at the office...


A BC backwoods alpine climbing trip turned California Granite Sampler

 The importance of being able to go with the flow became very apparent to me last week, when at 9PM on the day before I was supposed to hike into a remote base camp in the Sothern Purcell mountains of BC, our plan changed dramatically due to weather. We hatched our decision to bail at 9PM, and by 6AM we had changed course to go climbing in southern California in search of perfect granite multipitch climbing.


Coldsmoke Powderfest 2012 @ Whitewater Ski Resort

G3 Genuine Guide Gear was excited to be a sponsoring partner of this year's Kootenay Coldsmoke Powder fest in Nelson, BC. This year's event was a great success, capturing and celebrating all that we love about backcountry skiing in the Kootenays. G3's Nelson based engineer Cam Shute was our man on the scene, and from his report below, we're guessing everyone had a pretty good time...


Larch Peak - Bluebird and Blower

Apparently satisfied with his G3 engineering tasks for the week, Cam Shute has been hitting us with jealousy inducing video after video of his recent sunny pow skiing antics out in Nelson. Here's the 2nd of 3 episodes. Larch Peak.


Pre Season 'Product Testing' on the Kokanee Glacier

With fresh snow in the alpine and a top secret new product that needed some testing, G3 engineer Cam Shute wasn't going to let the perfect opportunity for a ski day go to waste. He met up with Nelson based photographer Kari Medig and scored a pretty solid ski day considering it was only mid October! Here's some quick notes and photos from what looks like a pretty sweet day of 'product testing'. Pretty sweet indeed.