The Hunt For Pow Begins With Bindings – Part 1


Winter is all about hunting down powder stashes and having your way with them. Most people just grab their skis, head up to the mountains, and the hunting starts there. Not for Jamie Bond, friend of G3 and former owner of some G3 Onyx bindings. Yep, we say former, because he can’t for the life of him find his bindings. Hear his plight, and feel free to laugh at him or with him as the hunt continues…

It would not, could not, be lying in the house,
It would not, could not, be eaten by a mouse,
I do not know where my Onyx bindings are,
I do know they’re near, but feel very far.

While fellow shredders are giving’er in the backcountry, reporting back about fun times on Joffre, the Whistler slackcountry, or beyond, I’m stuck on the resort or at home. Hunting. Not for pow, but for my only way to get to the pow – bindings. Sure maybe I’m giving up to easily, after all, if they’re not in my house, car, or basement, there must be somewhere magical to look, right? And who needs bindings anyways? Tele skiers free’ed their heels, maybe I can free my toes too?

But until I’m forced to merge no-boarding with skiing, I’m sure I’ll find them somewhere right? I mean I’ve looked in all the obvious places…

Under a pile of beer probably? Nope

How ‘bout the toilet? Nope. But what’s with the Christmas apple?

Attached to my G3 Manhattans where they belong? Of course not.

Gotta be stuffed into my boots then? Nope.

I mean with a gear room this tidy, how could anything be lost?

So I’m putting it out to the world wide web. Help me get backcountry skiing. If you see G3 Onyx bindings in any of these photos, you win a reward!  

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