Getting the Free Heel Feel. Early Season Tips

Friend of G3 Leslie Ross just checked in with an update from a recent free heel instructor course...

After 20 years of free heel skiing, I am still working on perfecting my tele technique.  The Babes in the Backcountry annual instructor refresher clinic was just the ticket to get my feet moving in the right direction.  Sporting our new stealth bomber Flylow Jackets, G3 Skis, and Scarpa Women's T1's, ten Babes instructors braved the morning chill at Arapahoe Basin last Saturday.  Starting off with yoga, we got centered and balanced for our on hill portion of the day. Here are some thoughts from the day to get you to get into the free heel groove...

  • Keep your hands out in front. Elbows out and shoulders in front of your body. Allow there to be light between your arms and your body
  • Round your spin.
  • Tuck the tailbone
  • Keep 50/50 weight on both feet at all times.
  • Practice shuffling in place and then moving down the hill.
  • Allow there to be a imaginary tennis ball under your uphill foot- goal is to get more pressure on the ball of your foot.
  • Steer with your skis

Hope these tips help to you start your season off on the right foot.

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