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Avalanche Safety Tips From G3's Team To You

Winter is in full swing in G3's backyard, with skiers and riders starting to eye up bigger objectives and more complex terrain. It is an important time of year to keep refreshing and praciting your av...


Evan's Jumbo Wild Backstory

This season, G3 is celebrating the commitment that goes into every step and turn in the mountains by telling stories about the people -- engineers, designers and athletes -- who make the gear on which...


December To Remember

After patiently pushing our way through last year's record-breaking warm and dry winter, most backcountry skiers in G3's home base of British Columbia, Canada were on edge about this year's El Nino we...


New Year's Resolutions For Backcountry Goodness

2016 has arrived in style, and we are looking forward to the remainder of another amazing winter season. The West coast of North America has been getting the goods, and we can only hope there is more...


Lynsey Dyer Joins G3 Athlete Roster

We are excited to announce Lynsey Dyer, one of the most accomplished and recognizable women in big-mountain skiing, will join the athlete roster for G3. Dyer joins a G3 roster full of accomplished AMG...


G3 2015/16 Alpinist Splitboard Climbing Skins

G3 raised the bar in the splitboard climbing skin category with an unprecedented level of climbing skin performance. Our innovative, low profile laminated tip and tail connection system puts G3's spli...


How To Choose The Best Climbing Skins For You

STEP 1Understand the differences between and the advantages of GRIP, GLIDE, and WEIGHT as they pertain to backcountry ascentSTEP 2Prioritize and balance GRIP, GLIDE, and WEIGHT characteristics to matc...

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