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Claudia Avon's Full Part

G3 backcountry snowboard ambassador Claudia Avon just shared this great edit from her part in the 'Fingers Crossed' web series she spearheaded last winter. 


Bluebirds at Red Mountain

That's a whole lot of blue sky and white snow John stumbled upon at RED Mountain Resort the other day...


Theoretical Objective

G3 athlete Jason Kruk chasing an theoretical objective in the Waddington Range, BC, Canada. 


Steep and Exposed on Mt Pandareus - G3POV EP.3

G3's most popular video series is back. In #G3POV Episode 3, get James McSkimming's skier's eye view of a steep, exposed and 'not-so-deep' descent in the Tantalus Range, Squamish, BC, Canada. It was a...


G3 2015/16 Alpinist Splitboard Climbing Skins

G3 raised the bar in the splitboard climbing skin category with an unprecedented level of climbing skin performance. Our innovative, low profile laminated tip and tail connection system puts G3's spli...


A Guide's Life - #G3Backstories Ep. 3

Every backcountry track has a story. As does every rider, and every piece of G3 gear we’ve designed, tested, and shared over the past 20 years in the backcountry.Our engineers, designers and athlete...

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