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G3 District Carbon Hybrid 2015 Skis

Consistently G3’s most popular skis year after year. There’s just something about the Districts and Cakes to please every skier. Spiced up this season with a carbon fibre stringer to bring the ski...


95 To Infinity - Traslins' Never Ending Shred

Hellbent on backcountry skiing, brothers Mike & Andy Traslin have been earning their turns every month of the year for the last 95 months in a row. They're not alone, especially in the Pacific Nor...


Teased by Tantalus

There we sat, perched amid the most beautiful ski lines in the region. They were so close you could poke a stick at them, yet most were still out of safe reach. It was April 30, the sun's heat was rag...


User Tips - G3 ION Binding

Get the most out of your new G3 ION touring bindings. Here's some quick tips for ski mode, tour mode, and safe/easy transitions.


How to Adjust & Set Up G3 ION Bindings

Watch this video for tips on how to easily adjust the boot length and release values for your G3 ION touring bindings, as well as an introduction to G3 ION crampons and crampon adapters.


Zoya Lynch's Winning Deep Winter 2014 Slideshow

G3 athlete Zoya Lynch is passionate about expressing her creativity in the mountains, regardless of what side of the lense she's on. She's quickly emerging as a talented ski photographer/videographer,


Mt Brazeau in a day, with snowbikes

While most people are hanging up their skis and dusting off their bikes, Canadian ski mountaineering racer Reiner Thoni figured he'd put both skis and bikes to use for the same mission - a one day ski...


Sled Skiing with Dave Norona

The eternally enthusiastic Dave Norona took full advantage of the recent sun, powder, and great snowmobile access in the area.


The ION Is Coming

G3's all new alpine touring binding, the ION, is hitting shops this September. Here's the teaser. More to come soon.

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