Mt. Baker Roman Mustache - New Variation

After winter finally showed it's snowy face through most of February and March, a weather window opened and we were eager to take advantage of it. It was my first time up Mt Baker in March, so I was keen to make the trip happen.

Upon arrival, we met a group of seven people touring around Baker who had seen an avalanche rip off the N Face. Concerns arose, but we were confident we had a safe a fun itinerary lined up for a different side of the mountain.


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Putting the ION to the test in the Valhallas

With half a winter still ahead of us to test, use, abuse and enjoy next year's G3 ION binding, we figured we ought to get it onto even more skiers' feet. G3 athlete Orry Grant was chomping at the bit, and who better to put the binding through the paces? Between patrol work, highway avalanche control, and his weekend habits, we know he puts our gear to the test all winter long. What we didn't know was that he'd head straight for this traverse on his second day. Here is his field report.


Okanagan Stashes

As we all know, a thin snow pack and low base was the new norm on the Coast, even into January. It sure felt like 'Juneary' on the Coast.

I heard the Okanagan was getting hit, so it was great opportunity to get up to the Okanagan for some downhill skiing on two underrated BC ski hills. Apex in Penticton and Silver Star in Vernon.

Thanks to Johnny, who recently moved his entire family of four kids to Vernon, we had our first taste of dry powder at Silver Star.


G3 Show Skin Early Highlights

There is still a month to enter the infamous Show Us Some Skin contest brought to you by G3 Genuine Guide Gear and Powder Magazine. As always, it has been highly entertaining seeing the entries coming in. We know you're all still scheming your most creative entries, but don't be shy, there's no limit to how many times you can post.


Avalanche Awareness on Shaw TV

Our friend Dave Norona was back on TV again this week. After a fresh dump of snow last weekend, The Rush on Shaw TV invited Dave to share some tips on backcountry ski gear essentials. It's of course impossible to tell the full story in 10 minutes on live TV, but Dave does a great job of ensuring the show doesn't get into the gear details until he reminds skiers to get educated with AST courses and to practice frequently.


John Wells Milking Pow in Whistler

John Wells and Chad Sayers joined us in the Whistler backcountry for a film shoot on a bluebird and velvety pow day. John whipped up this little edit of the day from his point of view. As for his thoughts on the gear after day 1...

"The new Carbon Empire was dreamy and so light I had to look down to see if it was real. The binding killed it giving me new goals and aspirations for winter."

You can tell one of the big air landings wasn't exactly his cleanest, but his new bindings hung on for the ride!


For Fresh Early Season Goods - Visit The Baker

Stretching the legs out, for some early season skiing, is a good way to get yourself in shape for bigger days later in the winter. JAZZERCISE also works well… but I prefer skiing even if the snow conditions are limited. Mt Baker is just the place to get the ball rolling. Let me know if I'm wrong, but I can’t think of a ski area in North America where you can park at the base, skin past the backcountry gates within 20 minutes, and have two world class mountains (on a clear day) Mt Shuksan and Mt Baker in plain sight.


#g3commit Final Winner

G3 would like to thank everyone who participated in our #G3commit project. The entries were wildly entertaining and inspiring. Thanks for getting us stoked for another amazing winter season.

Grand Prize Winner

True to our promise, we put all the weekly winners into a hat, and one lucky committed skier or rider had to come out on top. The full G3 gear set up worth over $1700 goes to Will Rickards!