Mt Brazeau in a day, with snowbikes

While most people are hanging up their skis and dusting off their bikes, Canadian ski mountaineering racer Reiner Thoni figured he'd put both skis and bikes to use for the same mission - a one day ski of 11483 ft / 3500 m Mt Brazeau in the Canadian Rockies. And that's just the start of his spring plans. No wonder we recruited him for some lightweight gear testing. Keep it coming Reiner.


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Don't Call It A Comeback

G3 athlete and junior engineer Bayden Hamilton has been grinning ear to ear this week since winter returned to BC with a vengeance. Here's his update below. (Main image skier Zanny Venner, photo by Bayden Hamilton)

Wowzaaaazzz, the tables have turned….


Dave & Dave In Search of Pow

Friends of G3 Dave Norona and Dave Silver were on the hunt for snow a few weeks back when it was incredibly hard to find. Considering the massive long-term high-pressure system that had been haunting most of the Western North America, we'd say they did pretty good. Can't wait to see what they get up to during this incredibly deep and snowy streak that BC is enjoying right now.


Kootenay Adventure & Gear Testing

It’s always a treat to go to Nelson, BC for the weekend. A nice short road trip and a boat ride from Revelstoke, and you find yourself in this great little community of keen skiers. This weekend lined up to be simply perfect for the annual Kootenay Coldsmoke Powder Festival. The ingredients for the perfect trip recipe were simple; sunshine and powder, a ski mountaineering race, great company, and a shiny new gear set up from G3 (2014/15 ION binding on Synapse 92 skis).


Olympic Gold Medal Powder

If there's anyone we know who doesn't let good pow go to waste, it's Pat Mulrooney. He'll pack up the truck and drive to the ends of the earth for some quality turns, but luckily this weekend he didn't have to go beyond his backyard. Just outside his door, one of his favourite backcountry stashes got absolutely hammered with snow over the past 2 weeks. High quality turns awaited, but not until Canada was done claiming Gold in Olympic Hockey. In his photography blog he wrote:


Sleeping Through January - Skimo Dream Streak

I just woke up. I'm not sure how long I've been sleeping and dreaming, but for some reason I’m exhausted! It all started just after New Years. Packing all the ski toys in the smallest bags I could find, I made my way to Calgary en route to Lyon France. Leaving the -20 of Lake Louise to find warm and mild temps of the Alps was very heart warming. But there was no time for vactioning on this trip, I had races lined up every weekend for the 6 weeks that followed. Where to start?

French Championships


Putting the ION to the test in the Valhallas

With half a winter still ahead of us to test, use, abuse and enjoy next year's G3 ION binding, we figured we ought to get it onto even more skiers' feet. G3 athlete Orry Grant was chomping at the bit, and who better to put the binding through the paces? Between patrol work, highway avalanche control, and his weekend habits, we know he puts our gear to the test all winter long. What we didn't know was that he'd head straight for this traverse on his second day. Here is his field report.