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Seven Awards And Counting. The Stoke Is High.

Buzz for this winter is building every day. There's a fresh dusting of snow in the alpine, winter magazines are hitting our door step, and the awards and praise for G3's 2015/16 gear are stacking up b...


Every Good Line Has A Backstory

Photos are a funny thing. Whether they are in the steady stream of social media or buried in your personal library, there is usually a story behind them. Maybe it’s a story of struggle, or maybe it...


Tantalized. Finally. #G3Backstories Ep.1

Born and raised in Whistler, BC, James McSkimming is no stranger to backcountry skiing. He has committed his life to chasing new lines on snow in the winter and dirt (mountain biking) in the summer. E...


Traslin's Guide to Ski-Bus-Skineering in Norway

Known as the birthplace of skiing, Norway has probably been the subject of most backcountry skiers' dreams. It has always been on my radar after watching the Norwegians dominate the Olympic events ove...


AMGA Ski Guide Exam In G3's Backyard

I have worked as an instructor / examiner for the AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) since 2006, and for the past 6 years we have been running some of our courses and exams north of the borde...


AMGA Testing In The Spearhead

The Spearhead traverse.  A ski mountaineering classic in all respects. Summits, cols, glaciers, steep descents, it has it all and options abound at every turn.It had been a few years since I was last...


Easter Surprise

Hut keeping at my backcountry lodge (Valhalla Mountain Touring) can be a mixed blessing. If I don’t have any friends come up here to stay with me, then I usually can’t be too inspired to go out an...


Earning Turns On Mt. Currie's South Face

I grew up skiing in the mountains in the sea to sky area (BC, Canada), and it is safe to say this has been one of the lowest snow years I can remember.The low snow made year made for bigger travel day...

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