G3 After Hours

G3 After Hours

Weather forecast for recent 6 days

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

Yes, it had to happen. After the 6 warmest and sunniest consecutive weeks the Pacific Northwest has seen in a looooong time, clouds and precip are finally edging their way from forecast to reality. Ar...

Join rugby crazies at Outdoor Retailer

Top 5 reasons for rugby at Outdoor Retailer

1) A Great Cause, co-sponsored by G3: All proceeds go to The Conservation Alliance.2) Good Grub: The party venue has changed to Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery. New, hip, and delicious, a Maxwell’s po...

Play rugby with the G3 team

Rugby anyone? Be there Aug. 5 in SLC...

Lest it be said we have a one-track mind around here at G3, we do think about things other than skiing.Mountain biking, for instance. Climbing, of course, And rugby… a natural! Who doesn't like spor...


Transition of the seasons ... sort of

G3 Team Manager Dave Norona is always stoked, always ready to get out there. He shared this photo of a recent spring tour (Yeah, doesn't really look like spring, does it?) and some thoughts on the sub...


G3 donates Tonics to support Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports

 Like any ski company, most of our days are spent thinking about the ins and outs of ski design, binding innovations, the latest snow conditions, top sheet graphics, and basically anything else that...

Kootenay Coldsmoke Festival 2011

5th Annual Kootenay Coldsmoke Powderfest

I've been lucky enough to attend every single Coldsmoke festival that's ever been held, and it's been cool to watch the festival grow and morph into what it's become today. We've uploaded a bunch of p...


Arthur learns about the Cypress Tree Stashes

G3 Team Manager Dave Norona always finds an interesting crew to head out with. Here's some fun vid where he explores the 'secret' cypress tree stashes with G3 athlete Mike Traslin and Mountain Bike Ha...


Home Sweet Home

With so much of the world visiting the beautiful city we call home to take part in the 2010 Winter Olympics, we figured we would take this opportunity to share some city highlights with those who were...



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