G3 At Large

G3 At Large

Season of Duality

The late-season snow around western Canada and the western U.S. this year has a lot of folks still on their planks, but the beauty of this time of year is multi-sport. Here's a little something from D...


Baffin Island Ski Mission Part 2 - Everyday Classics

Epic couloir skiing on Baffin Island in Canada's arctic continues in this second installment of the recent ski mission experienced by G3 athlete Chad Sayer and friends of G3 Jamie Bond, Jordan Manley,


Baffin Island Ski Mission Part 1 - Arctic Shock & Awe

With only a week's notice, an unfinished house reno and a forgiving pregnant wife, friend of G3 Jamie Bond shoved all the gear he owned into bags and jumped on a plane (make that 4 planes) with fellow...

Backcountry skiing Baffin Island on G3 Manhatten Skis

Skiing Couloirs on Baffin Island

When May finally hits after a long and cold winter, most people get excited to bust their mountain bikes or climbing gear out of the garage and jump into spring with no looking back. Others, however,

G3 athlete takes family ski touring in Greenland

Ski touring in Greenland

The following trip report comes from G3 ski ambassador Gabi Voide about a recent adventure to ski in Greenland: As a mountain guide I try to keep my clients over periods of years. And with a recent gr...


Mt. Loki - SW face

The la nina winter has given rise to an amazing spring ski mountaineering season here in BC. There is still a ton of snow up high in the alpine, and there were a few days last week with even more accu...


The goods keep on coming

Think ski season is over? Think again—check out this vid from Andy Traslin skiing with his brother Mike a couple weeks back on Mt. Philistine's North Couloir in the vicinity of Pemberton, B.C. (our...


A big snowpack means good spring touring

G3 team member Melanie Bernier sets out of a big spring objective this week. Here's her report on what's involved in planning for a three-week ski tour: As spring rolls and the days get longer, peopl...

piz bernina

April Powder

Last week i guided a skitouring trip in Switzerland. The area is called "Bernina". A part of the "Est Alps"  which are usually smaller peaks than the "West Alps". Nevertheless, the Piz Bernina is t...



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