G3 At Large

G3 At Large

Website displays Baffin Island in new book 50 Classic Ski Descents of N America

Baffin Island Adventure

Now here’s a story we like. Friend of G3, Jamie Bond, was sitting in Hawaii, waiting for the wind to pick up to go kiteboarding. It was sunny, a perfect 28 degrees C, the food was amazing, and life...


Spring touring report from the Alps

Here's a report from G3 ambassador Olivia Cussen, who's guiding in the Alps with her husband John Race, also a G3 team member. If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to do a classic tour in that pa...


10 Questions with G3 Athlete Lars Andrews

Do you know G3 athlete Lars Andrews yet? Well, to get you over the hump and on the downhill slide into weekend, here's a fun video from G3 team manager Dave Norona, featuring a quick-lipped Lars at...

Snorkeling deep pow!

Pow, Pow, and More Pow

Any skiers lucky enough to live in or near G3’s backyard have been spoiled rotten this week. The resorts have been getting absolutely slammed with snow, and rumour has it the backcountry near Brohm...

ski japan

Ski Japan

The search for powder has started again. The white fluffy stuff got rare in the Alps so we decided to check out the mystic land of the rising sun.It has been snowing the last two days, as we arrived i...


Backcountry skiing is a democratic sport, right?

Well, the best way to find out is judging people's reactions ...What happens with three seasoned backcountry tourers dress up as inexperienced skiers and head out onto the Wapta Icefield with gear pur...

Amazing vistas seen during the Traslin's recent Garibaldi Lake Ski Epic

Garibaldi Lake Ski Epic

This Garibaldi ski epic is remote, but interesting because it is only an hour drive outside of Vancouver, and on a clear day on Whistler you can see the whole route. These trips are unique, however a...

G3 athlete, JT Robinson,Utah,backcountry skiing,Utah

Over the Hump

It was early season and the muscle burn was on like an infomercial Amish-made fireplace.  The last traverse of the day was a five-mile trek of side stepping and bushwhacking. In addition, I had an at...

No green grass here this winter!

Their Grass May Be Greener But Our Snow is Whiter

It’s no coincidence that G3 Genuine Guide Gear is based out of Vancouver, BC, backed against the foot of the Coast Mountain range. The inspiration alone is worth it, not to mention abundant ‘produ...



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