G3 At Large

G3 At Large

Backcountry the Easy Way...Catskiing with a Twist

We all know backcountry skiing is where it’s at, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer a few nights in a tiny snow cave or bushwack for 6 hours to get there. Sure, more effort may make it more...


Happy Holidays Indeed

Anyone who was in or around G3’s backyard this holiday season knows it was Happy Holidays indeed. The alpine received more snow than we knew what to do with, and while the backcountry avalanche cond...


My touring setup for 2011

In the valleys of my home area, some serious logging is going on. So, most of the logging roads who provide access to really remote mountains, are plowed right now. Time to get my old Longus Competit...

Revelstoke from Mt. Cartier

Hiking Mt Cartier In Heavy Rain

Here's a little update from G3 team member Melanie Bernier, based over the in epicenter that is Revelstoke, about how good it is to be back on snow... no matter the cost.As the season progresses and t...


Are you prepared for the Winter Season 2011?

The last three months were very busy. Since we had a lot of rain in the early summer, we had to get our work done in autumn. Almost 6 days a week  climbing in the trees. Mainly cutting rotten brench...


Winter is Pretty Much Here

The waiting game is almost over – or is it over already? As in, has ski season already begun? Does that make it winter, even if the solstice is still well over a month away?People anxiously waiting...



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