2018 Winnner Announcement

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's #G3ShowSkin contest. It was just as entertaining and inspiring as we'd hoped. The entries were all excellent and almost any one of them could have won this judged contest. Well done all of you. 

We challenged you all this year to switch up the theme a bit, so it's fair that the winner is someone who took it in a new direction this year. 


Congratulations to @SeaToSummit3 for the win. He entered several images, but the one that caught our attention was his play on 'high traction'. @SeaToSummit3 skins away with a prize pack stacked with backcountry gear from G3!


Any of these amazing entries could have easily claimed first place. Thanks so much for participating and spreading the stoke. 

Firstly, who doesn't love a good pond skim...

Mountain Mentors had a great contribution...

@Stickyskins submitted a gorgeous shot...

How about these eco skins?

Dare we forget the infamous skins bikinis that made an action-packed comeback thanks to these brave women...


The #g3showskin contest is live once again so it’s time to break out the Genuine @g3gear climbing skin bikinis and take them into their natural environment! Too much care and craftsmanship was put into these fine garments to be kept in the gear room. I suggested putting them to real world use to some of the raddest women I know and they were in! Spring skiing is all about having fun in the sun enjoying some of the best pow of the year and this contest brings out creativity and good times. I was humbled witnessing the these incredible and tough women lay down beautiful turns on a -10degC blower pow day. Big smiles and laughing all day while their bare legs and bodies were dusted with cold smoke. Thanks for a great day out @isabjacques and Danielle! #g3showskin #g3gear #genuineguidegear #backcountryskiing #pow #bikini #alpinebeach #skinbikini #mountainwoman #pemberton

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#G3WindowShow - the hashtag says it all. Clever. 

And lederhosen! Need we say more. 


The winner skins away with a stacked prize pack of G3 backcountry touring gear worth over $500. The prize pack includes G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins (ski or splitboard), a G3 SpadeTECH Shovel, G3 SpeedTECH Probe, G3 Love Glove, G3 Utility Straps, and G3 casual wear.

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