Things Splitboarding Has Taught Me

G3 Athlete and backcountry photographer, Abby Cooper reflects on a decade of splitboarding. She spills the beans on what she’s learned from her pursuit of powder via splitboard. Some tips are useful...


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Being Prepared

BEING PREPAREDBy Evan Stevens Regardless of public lands opening back up and life getting to a new "normal", we always need to be prepared in the backcountry. Maybe now is the time to make ultra sur...


Norwegian Quarantine

If only we could rewind the Winter 2020 tape to before life as we know it changed drastically. In early March, my life/adventure partner and I found ourselves in the Arctic Circle, at the northern tip...


How To Work With Photographers in the Backcountry

In this modern age, it seems some people are more obsessed with getting the perfect ‘gram than with skiing the best lines. For others, getting the shot pays the bills. Some people just want nice ima...


G3U Contest - Touring With Kids

Top 3 finalist of the G3U Crowd-Sourced Video Contest. Holly Jo Hackett with her tip on how to get your little ones up the hill for some ski fun away from the lift lines.


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