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Are You a Great Teammate?

By Jonathan Gormick - G3 AmbassadorIf you recreate in an uncontrolled environment, whether it’s snow, rock or water, are you doing everything to be the best teammate or partner possible? Uncontrolle...


G3 ESCAPIST Climbing Skins (2019/20)

The ESCAPIST is a fully customizable climbing skin. The user sets the length and trims the edges according to their skis. The setup process is super easy and doesn’t require any tools other than the...


G3 Minimist Climbing Skins (2019/20)

UNCOMPROMISED PERFORMANCE AT AN UNRIVALED WEIGHTThe MINIMIST skins achieve an ultralight feel by using high performance textiles from other demanding sports applications as a backbone. This results in...

Sneffles - Colorado

The Myths of the Alpine Fish

This week G3 is celebrating the ski line you turned away from. You can get in on the action too. Tag your Instagram posts with @g3gear and #powderfishing for a chance to win some G3 swag. G3 ambassado...


A Tour of the Last Frontier

It was the end of February 2018.  As the snow piled out of control in Revelstoke, I was surprised to not be out skiing every day.  I was not sick or injured or fed up with skiing. Quite the opposite...


Walk The Walk - Field Trip #4

You can tinker all you want in the lab, but nothing beats real world testing for real world problem solving. Field Trip EP. 4 chases G3's owner/founder Oliver Steffen out in the BC backcountry on one...


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