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R & D Summer Testing on the Kokanee Glacier

*/ /*-->*/ Shortly before heading off to Taiwan for some climbing and 'work', G3 Engineer Cam Shute managed to take advantage of pretty much the only precipitation BC has seen this month! Here'


Rock Climbing in Taiwan at Long Dong (龍洞)

Never one to miss an opportunity, G3 Engineer Cam Shute wasn't going to fly all the way to Taiwan for business with out mixing it up with some recreation. Here's a post of what he found...


Coldsmoke Powderfest 2012 @ Whitewater Ski Resort

G3 Genuine Guide Gear was excited to be a sponsoring partner of this year's Kootenay Coldsmoke Powder fest in Nelson, BC. This year's event was a great success, capturing and celebrating all that we...


Embla East Face & Hidden Chute w Cam Shute

G3's Nelson based engineer Cam Shute was at it again. He took full advantage of the recent high pressure system, this time enjoying a romp on Embla's East Face and Hidden Chute.


Larch Peak - Bluebird and Blower

Apparently satisfied with his G3 engineering tasks for the week, Cam Shute has been hitting us with jealousy inducing video after video of his recent sunny pow skiing antics out in Nelson. Here's the...


Cam Shute Enjoying Some Quality 'Product Testing'

Nelson, BC based G3 engineer Cam Shute has been taking full advantage of his 'product testing' opportunites lately. Here's the first of 3 powder filled backcountry ski videos from the Nelson, BC area...

Pre season G3 product testing

Pre Season 'Product Testing' on the Kokanee Glacier

With fresh snow in the alpine and a top secret new product that needed some testing, G3 engineer Cam Shute wasn't going to let the perfect opportunity for a ski day go to waste. He met up with Nelson...


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