Dogs and Randomness on a North Shore Couloir Link-Up

Not every day of adventure in the mountains is all about the skiing itself. Case in point, it sounds like Andy's close-to-home ski mission was more of a mission than he anticipated.

My friends Alex and Maddy reminded me of a line I wanted to ski off Mt Brunswick on Vancouver's North Shore. Always keen to take advantage of the peaks close to home, I set off on what should have been a pretty seamless trip.

Shenanigans happened right off the bat, when I pulled over to the side of the highway where the original trailhead used to be. I was all ready to go when dog-walker-Hugh and his canine friends pulled over beside me, telling me something I didn't understand about dogs and I why I needed to park elsewhere. So I argeed not realizing the new trailhead was up the hill. All of a sudden Ricky the dog jumped out of the van and started running onto the highway. A logging truck locked up it's breaks and almost hit Ricky Bobby, though dog-walker-Hugh saved the day. But once in the van he jumped out again, so I lept to retrieve him, and with all the excitement - left my pack in the car with my keys in it!

                               Dog-Walking Good Times

Hughy Lewis said he would call BCAA, but after 45 minutes nobody had arrived. I was sitting there listening to the new Pennywise album on my Walkman, when I see three-time world mountain bike champion road riding on the Sea to Sky highway. For whatever reason that motivated me to get up, grab a stick with a notch on it, and break into my car with it.

                               More North Shore Lines

Good thing the rest of the ski went without incident! Just the slog on the logging road, a few tense moments crossing the lake, wrestling trees to get to the summit, all to enjoy some low-elevation couloir skiing in an area that probably doesn’t get skied very often.

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