Double Time on Cook

Owls couloir has been the objective but Mt.Cook keeps blocking. I've been wanting to ski this line since I did the Wedge to Currie traverse from parking lot to Pemberton in under 22 hours with my brother and a couple of elite mountain bike racers back in the 90s.

It's close but far as day trips go. I've spent a lot of time in the Wedge area from the introduction to mountaineer days. Neck belays, grovelling on the south side of Wedge up the boulder fields and cornice drops on the NE arete.

So it seems interesting to come back years later to feed my couloir addiction. Surprisingly you can have some cool adventure skiing so close to Vancouver. There's a good bet you won't run into many people on these couloirs.

So thanks to the weather blocking the access in the morning and afternoons. We were able to ski some fun lines on the over looked peak of Mt Cook on the north and south side on two seperate day trips.

Just be prepared to do the 5000 foot stair master approach with 2 by 4s on your back.

Photographers: Alex Gibbs, Cameron Coatta, Mathew Koziell, Sam Yeaman.

Photo by Andy Traslin
Andy Traslin dropping in.
Gorillas in the mist. Skier Andy Traslin.

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