Dry Spell Goodness - Fitzsimmons ENE to Iago W

This past month, BC skiers were faced with way more sunny days than they're used to seeing in January. After 2 months of endless fresh pow, skiers needed to really start earning their turns to have a good time. Here's an update Andy Traslin sent from a fun looking romp in the Spearhead Range.

The Spearhead Traverse has so many options for backcountry skiing, with incredible access. The area can be accessed from either the top of Whistler or Blackcomb, with chairlifts and T-bars delivering you directly to the steep skiing Mecca of self-propelled travel - the Coast Mountains. Once you've tested yourself on Fissile and Decker, you can push yourself on one-day missions, going a little further and exposing youself just a little more.

Over the years I have traversed and skied most of the ski objectives in the range. So I guess the next step is to ski some of the less traveled steep faces. The other cool thing is once you ski one line, the option to ski another one is not too far away.

Conditions weren't ideal, but with a high pressure and good stability. It was a good day to test the steep skiing skills on variable 'June-uary' snow. We had a great day skiing the East North-East face of Fitzsimmons, connecting us to the West face of Iago. Great lines!


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