Joffre Enchainment with Andy Traslin

The Enchainment - Joffre couloir to Kiwi couloir, Matier NW face, Slalok Stonecrop face

I had done this link-up already last winter, so I wasn't super motivated to do it again until I had a call from David Brown who was keen to give it a go. My motivation spiked when I had the idea to try to bag five peaks in a row. I knew David from racing at the vertfest and knew he had the mentality to hammer hard. So the plans started to take shape...

David Brown photo. All rights reserved. The CrewPhoto by David Brown.

We met at the Ceries Creek trailhead (Duffey Lake Road, north of Pemberton, BC, Canada) and were joined by Gregg Conn and Jenni Pelc. We made quick time up to the Anniversary Glacier so our big day was off to a good start. There was a boot pack in place as we climbed the Aussie Couloir, further speeding up our morning. We dropped in for the descent, making turns in firm conditions off the top. I wanted to check out the Kiwi couloir, so I skied over half way down the Aussie and then did a quick boot up to the lower part of the neighbouring Kiwi Couloir. Unfortunately, the skiing was downright bullet-proof, so I scratched my way down and wore myself out.

David Brown photo. All rights reserved. Aussie CouloirAussie and Kiwi Couloirs. Photo by David Brown.

I had to rest after that at the the base and the rest of the crew took off towards Matier for round two. The snow conditions on the steep NW face of Matier were epic, yeilding a wicked run for everyone. 

David Brown photo. All rights reserved. ClimbingPhoto by David Brown.

David Brown photo. All rights reserved. MatierPhoto by David Brown.

Luckily we had a skin track for Slalock and headed for the third peak of the day. As we crested the ridge, to my amazement a snowboarder was going straight and kicking up huge powder clouds as he rode down the face.

David Brown photo. All rights reserved. Snowboarder on MatierPhoto by David Brown.

After nabbing our third summit (Slalock), we enjoyed the views and prepared for some turns down the Stonecrop face. Turn after turn, the face offered amazing boot top pow for around 3000 vertical feet! I would have to say the Stonecrop face is one of the best ski descents on the Duffey Lake highway. Not too steep or technical, just the ultimate ski tourer's private heli ski run.

David Brown photo. All rights reserved. SkinningPhoto by David Brown.

David Brown photo. All rights reserved. PowderPhoto by David Brown.

Great day in the mountains with the Washington crew.

Skiers: Andy Traslin, David Brown, Gregg Cronn, Jenni Pelc

Photos: David Brown

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