Possessed to Ski - 85 Months of Turns All Year

The streak is still alive. I took this blog title from a cool 80's punk, thrash metal band, and changed it from skate to ski. And it's kind of true!

My friend Rob Chisholm even had fun with the song when he inserted my name in the same song. When I first moved to Whistler, Rob let me crash at his place which was pretty much a hole in the wall for $180 bucks a month. It worked out fine, I could ski all day and work in a restaurant at night as a short order cook. He since met an Aussie girl moved to Australia and had kids.

People come and go in Whistler. Some stay one season, others don't ever leave, and some are no longer with us. One thing remains the same: if you can get high enough and time it right you will find the pow stash.

Some are even lucky enough to get a heli ride for fresh tracks, which was the case Oct 3rd at Whistler Blackcomb. That is reserved for the guide and the elite of pro skiers and contest winners. But with a little walking the turns can be just as good or better.

Get it while you can, 'cause this October is a short and rare window for skiing pow.

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