Rediscovering BC

There is something special about rediscovering the beauty of a place you once loved to explore. I'm talking about skiing in beautiful British Columbia, my home province. A place with wild landscape and raw unspoiled nature that live in and amongst a friendly humble Canadian culture.

Stunning mountain ranges that have shaped themselves over years of time and space, continue to watch the rest of us curiously wander through their glaciers, valleys and rivers in our free time. And in the winter months, these mountains become a paradise for backcountry skiing and epic tree skiing.

I have travelled to ski all over the world and I feel extremely fortunate for all these experiences... but after a long time away, I came back to BC to spend a bit of time skiing the early season champaign powder and enjoying random ski tours with new and old friends.

Kicking Horse, BC
Chad Sayers

I was recently in Golden and Revelstoke shooting photos with living legend and one-of-a-kind Swedish explorer Mattias Fredriksson. We were 'oot and aboot' nailing 'bangers' (aka chasing publishable photos) and having a great time in the process.

Above the clouds in Revelstoke, BC.
Chad Sayers

When you look at the big picture as to why we love to ski and what that might mean to all of us, how we take those experiences and relationships with us and re-apply them into our day to to day lives... it's all about sharing the love and appreciating nature and the life we have. The great neck deep powder and epic photos are just a bonus I'd say.

- Chad Sayers

PS watch for Mattias' imagery next fall in your favourite ski magazines. Until then, enjoy this amazing winter. 

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