Nothing To It, Just Keep Going and You'll Get There

2 million vertical feet

Two million vertical. That's a lot under your own power. Here's a little update from G3 athlete Andy Traslin, who just  passed 2 million vertical feet in less than two years between mountain biking and backcountry skiing. As he's says it's simple ... you just have to keep on going ... It's just a number. I could barely pass grade 10 math. But I can keep track of my vertical feet on my watch. You just press the button and you go and go day after day... to reach that number of 1 million.It's some kind of obsession I started after reading about a mountain biker by the name of Mark Weir who climbed 1 million feet in a calendar year. As well, Reudi Beglinger did it backcountry skiing. Many Tour de France riders hit the mark and didn't even notice. Since I get bored just doing one activity. I figured I would combine the two. My two favorite activities I can do endlessly for hours and hours at a time. There's nothing like living in the moment. Once you get past the first half an hour. You are in the mode. The hard part is getting the motivation to slog up some slope or pedal up a trail.Most of the climbing was done in the Cascades and the Coast mountains: Notorious for heinous approaches, where bushwhacking and long flat approaches are the norm. I completed 1 million last year. I kept at it once again and hit 2 million in less than two years. 

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