Congrats Carl! Skigraphiks September Schwag Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first month of the 2013 Skigraphiks Contest by G3 and Backcountry Magazine. The contest had an overwhelming response, with the highest number of September entries yet. People must have skiing on their minds already!

The judges have reviewed the most popular entries, and have selected Carl Heath as the September People's Choice Award winner, for his creative design 10,000 Districts Under the Sea. Carl's entry demonstrates a unique concept, genuine effort, and was among the top 10 for votes and comments. Carl takes home the monthly prize of G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins and a Backcountry Magazine T-Shirt, hat and one-year subscription.

It's not over yet!

Thank you to everyone who has entered so far. The designs are excellent and we appreciate the participation. Carl's design and every other valid entry are still in the running for the Grand Prize custom skis and gear, the winner of which will be selected after the contest closes November 30.

Contest ReminderAfter the flurry of comments and aggressive voting strategies seen at the end of Round 1, we'd like to clarify the intent with the new contest format. There will be one Grand Prize winner selected after the contest closes November 30. That winner will be selected by G3 and Backcountry Magazine judges, chosen solely on the strengths of the design (such as artistic merit, creativity, originality, effort, and overall impression). The Grand Prize winner will receive their custom skis, as well as skins, bindings, and swag. Nice!

Votes, shares, and comments are simply meant to be a fun way to share your design, get the judges attention, and animate the contest with some fun monthly schwag prizes along the way. Because the voting system is not fraud-proof, we cannot award the monthly prize on votes alone, and discourage you from cheating or aggressively soliciting votes. Rather, G3 and Backcountry Magazine judges will select the People's Choice winner each month by considering # of votes, # and quality of comments, shares, and overall impression. Skis entered in September are not eligible for the October or November monthly prizes, but are absolutely still eligible for the Grand Prize!

Again, thanks to everyone who put so much effort into the September entries, and we look forward to seeing what else is still to come.

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