EarnYourTurns.com Likes the ENZO

After extensive planning, R&D and testing, it's exciting to see G3's next generation telemark binding come to market and have skiers spending some quality time on the ENZO. EarnYourTurns.com, a magazine known for its candid and thorough reviews, leaves few stones unturned when reviewing products.

Reviewer Craig Dostie acknowledges the ENZO has successfully solved any and every shortcoming of the Targa binding, which in itself had revolutionized telemark bindings when it was first introduced.  He suggest the ENZO is "powerful, easy to switch modes, and appears to be as immune to icing up as a backcountry binding can be."  Never one to make claims without backing them up, Dostie drills into the details of the ENZO quite thoroughly.

Of course, some of the biggest innovations of the ENZO, in terms of usability and durability, will come into play over the winter as more skiers spend time on them.

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