Elevation Outdoors is Liking the Alpinist

Good to see G3's tried and true Alpinist skins getting recognized in various reviews and comparisons this past season. In Elevation Outdoors' Climbing Skin Throwdown they proclaim "The Alpinists are the best all-nylon skin I've used in terms of glide." and describe them as "Bomber—I’ve never had a skin come off a ski, even when they’re soaking wet (in spring)."

They continue with:

"First off, you’ll notice the G3 is pretty supple and packable, even out of the box. Give ‘em a season and you’ll dig their handling characteristics. Weight wise they are quite a bit lighter than an Ascension and on par with a Dyna Speedskin. I didn’t work my current set of Alpinists hard enough to see them begin to wear (a dozen days, in everything from windboard to a foot of fresh to sun-heated glop), but my previous set had a touch of fraying at the edges after three seasons (these were spring skins, so I did subject them to plenty of patchy snow, some walking on pine needles, etc. They did really well, given how unfriendly I was to them)."

Nice to see the gear getting some true use and abuse as a part of the review process. After all, that's what they're built for.

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