Franz's Skigraphiks Winning Design Comes to Life

With such an incredible participation level in this year's G3 + Backcountry Magazine Skigraphiks Contest, there was no shortage of high quality entries. But someone had to emerge as the winner, and Franz Vilsmeier did just that with his 'Frozen Watercolours' design. Now a few weeks later, his custom skis have been produced and delivered and are looking sweet! Franz was exstatic to receive his skis, and even forwarded a magazine clip of the skis earning a spot in 'Best Showcase' of an Austrian advertising magazine.

The Backcountry Magazine crew was equally excited to recieve their limited run of the same contest winning skis, and will be raffling these beauties off at various upcoming events. First up, don't miss the Backcountry Basecamp this weekend at Jay Peak if you're in the region. One lucky skier will score a pair of these skis each day of the event!

Good luck getting your hands on a pair of these limited edition skis, and thanks again to everyone who participated in this year's Skigraphiks contest.

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