G3 Hires Sigi Rumpfhuber/Exolite to focus on EU market growth

Sigi Rumpfhuber

You've probably seen him popping up on our Instagram feed, but we're excited to announce G3 has hired ski industry veteran Siegfried Rumpfhuber’s Exolite consulting firm to help chart the future direction of G3’s rapidly growing European business, and to consult on ski design.

Sigi is a well-­known and well-­respected ski industry insider whose experience includes working as a product manager at Fischer GMBH until 2007 and as managing director of Kastle Ski GMBH until 2013. He is an avid skier and ski mountaineer whose passion and inspiration comes both from the mountains of his home country, Austria, as well as from ski-­‐touring pursuits throughout the world.

Sigi and Exolite will work closely with G3’s VP of Sales Gord Bailey to strategize growth tactics, marketing initiatives and distribution strategies for the European market. Sigi will also work directly with founder and G3 president Oliver Steffen to direct future brand and product strategy, and to develop a long-­‐term plan for a European-­‐specific product collection.

Oliver exlpained “We started in 1995 with a single product, an avalanche probe. But G3’s increasingly broad mix of AT and telemark bindings, skis, climbing skins and a full line of ski accessories means we need to think more and more strategically how we can best work with our European partners and distributors. We need to continually deliver products like our Synapse Carbon series skis that meet the G3 reputation for innovation. With a deep knowledge of the European ski business, Sigi knows how things are changing and evolving in that market and how to most effectively work with G3’s partners. Exolite is the logical choice for this role.”

Sigi said he was attracted to work with G3 for multiple reasons. “G3 has really invested at the R&D level and continues to be truly excited about the products, the sport and the people after almost 20 years, and you see that reflected in its strong customer base and business partners,” he said. “There is so much potential with the brand in Europe and Media worldwide. I like their open-­‐minded, team-­‐oriented, strength-­‐based operating mode. It’s a great mix of experience, enthusiasm, leadership and execution qualities and I am honored and excited to be part of such a group.”

Welcome to the tribe Sigi.

Sigi Rumpfhuber
Sigi Rumpfhuber testing skis in Chile.

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