G3 Is Proud To Support Guide Development and Backcountry Safety

G3 is proud to announce we will be partnering for the 2015/16 winter season with numerous guide associations, avalanche forecast centers, and other organizations that promote education and help skiers better enjoy the backcountry experience. We are strengthening our sponsorship with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) and the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) and have recently returned as an Avalanche Canada sponsor. 

Through our various Give Back programs this fall, the ACMG and G3 helped raise more than $9,000 this fall for the Canadian Mountain & Ski Guide training program at Thompson River University that feeds into the ACMG guide program, and more than $1,200 to support an AMGA ski guide training scholarship. G3 also sponsors a number of individual ACMG- and AMGA-certified guides as testers and ambassadors.

G3 is passionate about backcountry safety, education and enjoyment. We were founded on the concept of building the kind of gear that lives up to the standards of guides and educators. Supporting organizations like the ACMG and AMGA, whose guides help educate backcountry users, fits perfectly into G3’s ethos. It also makes perfect sense for a backcountry brand based in Vancouver to support Avalanche Canada and the hard work that they do in providing forecasting and education across the country. We appreciate their tireless efforts toward increasing backcountry safety and we want to share our resources anytime we can.

G3 also supports a number of guide services and organizations that make learning about snow safety and backcountry skiing skills fun across North America. Whitecap Alpine, Altus Mountain Guides, Canada West Mountain School, Backcountry Babes, and the Northwest Avalanche Center all receive support from G3 and we're looking forward to what they get up to this winter.

Commitment to enjoying the backcountry safely is a core tenant of the G3 brand. Along with binding, skis, climbing skins and ski poles made for backcountry use, G3 produces a full line of backcountry safety equipment. Shovels, probes, saws and other safety tools designed to meet the most rigorous standards in performance and durability. 

Have a great and safe winter. 

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