G3 Reviews in the Press

With winter now in full swing (in some regions anyway), it's fun to see more current reviews of G3's newest gear now that more people have had a chance to go for a rip.

The gang at EarnYourTurns.com has been having a good time on our G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins. Check out their detailed Alpinist Climbing Skins review for the full story.

Meanwhile friends and athletes at Unofficial Networks are diggin' what they see in the tried and true Manhattan skis (read the review) and new Highball skis (read the review).

And last but not least, Wade from TreePilot.ca was eager to get out on our Splitboard Climbing Skins (review) for the first but certainly not last time this season.

(Top image credit: TreePilot.ca)

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