G3 Show Skin Early Highlights

There is still a month to enter the infamous Show Us Some Skin contest brought to you by G3 Genuine Guide Gear and Powder Magazine. As always, it has been highly entertaining seeing the entries coming in. We know you're all still scheming your most creative entries, but don't be shy, there's no limit to how many times you can post. Head to www.GenuineGuideGear.com/SHOWSKIN for some ideas, then simply tag your Twitter or Instagram posts with @g3gear and #g3showskin, or post your Facebook post to our wall.

Meanwhile, for a little inspiration, here's some of our favourites so far. These people will likely score swag packs from G3, but our spider senses tell us the winning post is still out there. Will you be the one to post it?

Highlights So Far

See above for Jesse Wilfley's eye opening instagram post. We're not sure how his G3 Alpinist Splitboard Skins led him into the hands of the X-Games Monster girls, but like we've always said, G3 skins take you places.

Meanwhile @steveshannonphoto caught this sunrise in the Selkirks after a backcountry skin up.

Jump over to Rogers Pass where @Hoggle and @_SeanCochrane were getting the goods.

Flash back to this gem that we previously missed from @marthtastic.

And one last beauty from @BobMaudie who's been cranking out the #G3showskin images.

Oops almost forgot this gem from Erik Mauer on Facebook.

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