#g3commit Final Winner

G3 would like to thank everyone who participated in our #G3commit project. The entries were wildly entertaining and inspiring. Thanks for getting us stoked for another amazing winter season.

Grand Prize Winner

True to our promise, we put all the weekly winners into a hat, and one lucky committed skier or rider had to come out on top. The full G3 gear set up worth over $1700 goes to Will Rickards!

Will posted a few entries through the contest, but his luck turned for the better when the entry posted above was selected as the final weekly winner. That got him in the draw for the Grand Prize, and wham, he won that too!

The image caption read "Starting young. 9 year old Cai hiking for his turns." So that begs the question, who's going to get all the new gear? Will or the committed 9 year old? We'll follow up with Will to find out.

#g3Commit Highlights

Another glimpse at some of the weekly winners and other highlight posts.


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