#G3commit Week #1 Winners

Wow. That's all we can say about week #1 of our #G3commit Contest. G3 has been committed to winter backcountry adventures for almost 20 years, and we had a feeling you were too. But now you've proven it.

The contest has been packed with hilariously committed posts so far, including a fair number of people who have already been on snow this season! Here are our favourites from Week #1. All three of these entrants score some swag from G3, and will be entered into the random draw for the overall winner on Nov 30.

Sad you're not one of them? Not to worry. Just because your entry didn't win this week, it can still be selected in another round. But why leave it to fate? Keep those entries coming. And keep spreading the word. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

See all the entries at www.genuineguidegear.com/commit/ and remember to tag your posts @g3gear and #G3commit.

Thanks for all the enthusiasm so far.

Week #1 Winners

This photo that Don Capelle submitted just shouts commitment. It looks like a world of hurt too, so hopefully the turns were worth it. We all know they were.
Never to be outdone, Zanny Venner, the runner up from our Show Skins contest, has kicked things up a notch once again. This dry land cross training sequence embodies commitment on so many awkward levels, how could it not be a weekly winner?
Meanwhile, Lyophilization instagrammed this shot of getting married on top of a snow mountain. Can't argue with that.

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