G3's Running Rampant in Chamonix

If anyone in the Pacific Northwest enjoyed March's record breaking snowfall, you might want to thank Jamie Bond of Doglotion.com. Yep, he claims that whenever he relocates to Europe, his home resort of Whistler, BC then breaks the historical monthly snowfall record. Two for two. Coincidence or not, while we were all enjoying the bottomless turns at home in BC, it was great to see some G3 skis in action in France for Chamonix's amazing spring conditions.

Our new G3 Districts for 2012/13 are going to get their fair share of use and abuse this spring as Chamonix's lower elevation base melts by the hour. But it looks like more snow up top could yeild some pretty epic spring adventures for Jamie and fellow Canadians who seem to be frequently dropping in for visits - most of whom have made have done us proud by packing G3 skis for the trip!

We'll let the photos do the talking...

**Update: The storms have rolled into Chamonix since we typed this. Those Districts might get some more pow time afterall.

Jamie Bond Photo, www.Doglotion.comHmmm, Doesn't Anyone Else Like Pow in France?Hmmm, doesn't anyone else like freshies in France? El Hombre's leading the charge.

Jamie Bond Photo, www.Doglotion.comDistricts POV Chasing Some Old El Hombres Under Younger LegsThe new District's touring POV, chasing the old El Hombre's under younger legs.

G3 Saints & G3 ZenOxides in action. Dave Silver & Jeff Reimer on Glacier PeriadesDave Silver & Jeff Reimer on Glacier Periades

Jamie Bond Photo, www.Doglotion.comPeriades GlacierSure isn't ugly.

Jamie Bond Photo, www.Doglotion.comNew Districts, Up, Up and Away, Col du TaculUp, up, and away. Col du Tacul.

Jamie Bond Photo, www.Doglotion.comMike Kerfoot 'Droppin In'Droppin' in. Capucin Couloir.

Photos by Jamie Bond/Doglotion.com

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