High Pressure at SME

G3 Gear Ambassador Alex Geary has been having one heck of a season guiding for our friends at Selkirk Mountain Experience. Here's his latest update, and judging by the photos, there's plenty of G3 fans on the trip...

Last week at Selkirk Mountain Experience we finally settled into a stable weather pattern after two months of consistent storms and fog. It was great to finally be in the alpine and be able to see where we were going without having to rely on the GPS.

On Wednesday it was my turn to take my group to the Moloch Hut, as Ruedi was on his way back. This meant I had a nice track to follow and could concentrate on sharing bad jokes. Our route was from the Durrand Glacier Chalet up to Mt Ruth via the North Ridge, crossing the Durrand and Diamond Glaciers on route. This set us up for the grand run down the Ruth Glacier, 1500m vertical to the Meeting of the Glaciers. However, I had something extra in mind for my group....... a short skin up to Innominata Ridge from part way down Ruth Glacier gave us an extra 500m run back down to the glacier in perfect powder, 30-40 degrees the whole way. No one in our group had skied this run before including one guest who has spent more than 50 weeks skiing with us! It was a real highlight for all of us.

Thursday we left the Moloch Hut early for a grand tour including 3 summits, Mt Graham (the highest ski peak on our regular programs at 2967m), Zwillings East, and Sentinel Pk, and great long runs down 3 different glaciers.

Friday it was time to head back to the Durrand Glacier Chalet, but I had a strong group of skiers, so first we needed to find a challenge. Ruedi suggested we ski Princess Bride, the main ramp in the middle of the photo from Empress Shoulder, "OK guys, you'd better lock your toe pieces for this one". We got back to the Dismal Glacier just in time for an intense snow flurry, so we started to make our way back.

A couple more runs weaving our way through crevasses down some spectacular glaciers and we were back at the Durrand Glacier Chalet ready for our afternoon snack and traditional Swiss cheese fondue dinner cooked by the chef. A great way to round out another great week at SME.

-Alex Geary

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