High Traction Meets High Testosterone

We couldn't help but get a good chuckle out of Lou Dawson's first impressions of our new High Traction Climbing Skins. He recently visited G3's office in North Vancouver, BC, and while we shielded him from the top secret skin production room in the back, we did get a chance to show him the new High Traction Climbing Skins. His post about it is both informative and plenty entertaining, leading with...

"Testosterone. Some say the legendary chemical causes wars, unplanned pregnancies and nearly every other detrimental condition known to mankind. I’d include death-wall steep skin tracks in that list."

He later admits there are plenty of legitimate reasons for steeper skin tracks, as well as a variety of personal preferences for climbing skins' glide vs traction ratio. We're just glad he didn't link climbing skins to war or pregnancies.

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