Highball: Ski as Elixir

It used to be that powder skis were limited to the hugest of dumps, when the snow stayed soft for days on end, or wasn’t going to be devoured in minutes by powder hounds before you even finished that initial lap. By design they were meant for the smaller number of skiers whose ski area was a helicopter, a boot pack, or an otherwise off limits area beyond the ropes. Not so anymore. Now that early rise and rocker construction are part of the canon in ski production, bigger skis not only have the floating girth to consume large amounts of soft snow real estate, the new technology gives them the chops to handle more of the mountain on a regular basis, thus making your turns and your experience more rewarding, soft snow or not. Enter the Highball, G3’s largest all mountain elixir.

Built with G3’s Sweet Rise camberline, the 116mm-waisted Highball boasts a long rockered snout and tail, providing a loose pivot for soaring through wild snow. Great, but that’s to be expected. The real virtue of the Sweet Rise camberline can be experienced in skiing the Highball from broken powder back to groomers or hard pack. Because its effective edge is still present underfoot, turn initiation in bumps, hardpack and groomers is easier than expected for a ski this large, but just as dependable as a more traditional ski when laying the edge down on hardpack as you search out new powder stashes around and near your local resort.  

While two sheets of Titanal metal provide the ski its damp smoothness for speed and stability, tail rocker allows you to smear turns or shed large amounts of speed in a very small amount of space, an ideal capability in trees, chutes, or when you eye a patroller doing speed control on a groomer.

Versatility is a central goal for responsible ski manufacturers. Creating skis that perform across the board, delivering a three-dimensional experience for the end user. In doing so, the Highball is evidence that G3, Genuine Guide Gear, likes the idea of increasing the quality of your ski quiver, not the number.

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